Your dream, our expertise.

Driven by your input, Catalyst can design custom spaces you’ve always dreamt of! For large renovation projects, we employ a design-build process that works very well for our customers. In the case of an addition, garage-build, or a major renovation, it’s impossible to provide a quote without proper approved drawings. Through our design-build process, we learn about your wants and needs for your project as well as the budget you’re working with. From there, we create drawings, specifications, and a firm quote to complete your vision.

1. Design Process

The design process for your renovation or addition begins with Catalyst gathering information from all parties who will be involved with your project. We determine your project goals, style, timeline and budget. An assessment of the current space makes certain we can achieve exactly what you’re looking for. Our draftsman will take detailed dimensions of your space and define any structural requirements we have to account for.

2. Preliminary Review Process

With a first draft of your drawings completed, we will meet to review them with you. Often there are two or more layout options to choose from. We gather feedback from you on the drawings, and revise them as required. Once drawings are finalized, our design team consults with you one-on-one and begins the process of specifying important material selections that will make your renovation sparkle – roofing, siding, windows, flooring, countertops, backsplash, paint colours and more! A design proposal and concept boards are presented to you before we begin the build process and are a great way to visualize all aspects of your design coming together! Once specifications are complete, we will be able to provide you with a firm quote to build your job!

3. Build Process

With a full set of drawings and a design proposal with listed specifications, our construction crew is ready to hit the ground running! We will assemble a full schedule for you and provide daily updates. You can follow along on our online construction management software. Our experienced staff and dependable tradespeople will ensure your renovation is as stress-free as possible.

4. Change Order Process

While we try to encourage that you make as many decisions on layout, materials, and so on before construction begins – changes are inevitable. We use online construction management software to ensure everyone is on the same page – for all facets of the project including specifications and costs. No additional work will ever be undertaken without your approval.


Often, a home reaches a point where it is in need of a major update – aesthetically, structurally, mechanically (electrical, plumbing and HVAC) or all of the above. We can help you design and plan ahead for a load bearing wall removal, a complete interior demolition and rebuild or anything in between.