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Our wonderful experience with Catalyst General Contracting began with the proposal process. Andrew walked with us through it, listening to our desires and our concerns. He heard our cost limitations, gave us some choices and suggestions and he understood what we wanted to achieve for our project. We were glad that he brought product samples with him to our initial meeting so we could make decisions right away. He provided us with a comprehensive, detailed cost estimate, which had several options for the scope depending on how much work we wanted to complete this year. We agreed to a price and the contractors started material ordering and construction as soon as possible in order to expedite the process.

Catalyst provided us with frequent updates and photos of the work completed, which was very reassuring. The flooring they installed looked better than the work the original builder had done and we could tell right away that Catalyst has a very high standard of quality and care. They also repaired some plumbing and installed a fence after guiding us through the utility locate procedure. We especially appreciated the extra hard work they undertook to install the fence around the back yard, which was difficult due to the hard, rocky soils typical to the area. Their professionalism, hard work, and the good-natured spirit of all the workers really facilitated the renovation process. They also did a great clean-up job and completed the work on schedule so that we could get new tenants in the house before September.

We will not hesitate to recommend Catalyst General Contacting to everyone in need of a professional contractor who delivers high-quality work.

Thank you for a job well done and best wishes,

Fence and Deck

Andrew and Lee

After getting quotes from 3 local companies, we chose Catalyst to design and build us a new backyard deck, and what a great decision that was.

We found them to be extremely professional, talented and most importantly, dependable.

We couldn’t believe how gorgeous the finished product looked. Their design and detailing of the deck was simply awesome.

We would recommend Catalyst to anyone and certainly will use their talents again.


Carla and Jean

When we wanted to have a large, complicated cedar deck built, we talked to about a dozen possible contractors. We hadn’t heard of Catalyst but when we interviewed them, they came across as easily the most professional builder we had met. They asked lots of good questions and made some very good suggestions, showing they’d spent a lot of time already thinking of the project. It was an easy choice to select them.

The biggest surprise was yet to come. Catalyst worked on our deck for a month, sticking exactly to the schedule they’d laid out. The work was amazing and our finished deck is the best work we’ve ever seen. Throughout the project, Andrew and Brady kept us updated every single day, so we always knew what was going on.  And the final cost was exactly what they’d quoted.

Our deck is the envy of the neighbourhood and we couldn’t be happier with it. If we have any future building projects, we wouldn’t bother looking at other contractors. Catalyst is the best. Period.

Custom Deck

John and Fatima
Ayr, Ontario

The team from Catalyst was a pleasure to work with throughout our deck construction. Notwithstanding our lateness with the permit and three days of rain, they completed a big job from first to last in four and a half days in time for our anniversary party. We were really grateful. Andrew, Brady and their crew were prompt, courteous and competent in all aspects of their performance from paperwork to practicalities. We would use the company again and fully recommend their work.


Sarah and Scott

Working with Andrew and Brady has been a pleasure, as they helped me realize long-held dreams to renovate the bathrooms and expand the back deck of my modest townhouse (with a number of other miscellaneous maintenance projects added along the way).  From the first interview with Andrew I was impressed with his enthusiasm, courtesy, professionalism, and credentials (engineer).  I immediately felt confident that I would be in good hands with Catalyst, a feeling I did not walk away with after meetings with other contractors.  I was equally impressed with Brady when I met him as the work progressed, and both partners (and their excellent crew) were adept at creative problem solving to ensure we made the best use of the small spaces I had to work with. 

I now have the most beautiful "tiny" bathroom imaginable, with a senior-friendly walk-in shower replacing the old tub/shower combo.  Andrew helped me find the perfect piece of granite for the custom shower bench and vanity top to go with the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures I had purchased.  All the trades people Catalyst brought in (tile, plumbing, electrical) were top notch professionals.

The real creative genius came in the design of my new deck -- what a transformation from the tiny 3-person deck that was standard to these townhouses!  Before I applied for the required building permit, Andrew smoothed the way by making contact with the Kitchener Planning Dept to find out what was possible (and not) in terms of an expanded deck project for my back yard.  Andrew and Brady were then creative in finding a way to use every square foot of space allowed within the required set backs.  This included arranging for Kitchener Utilities to re-position my gas meter and water meter readout.  All the guys at Catalyst that worked on my deck did a fantastic job, with a beautiful end result 2-1/2 times the size of my old deck.  After I gave them a bare bones wish list (a stone area for my charcoal smoker/grill), Andrew and Brady and their crew all made creative design enhancements as the work progressed.  The stonework landing at the bottom of the stairs is a beautiful addition, and a creative solution to the sloping grade there.  My custom deck will now be a great entertaining spot for years to come.  Thank you, Catalyst.



Early in the spring we contacted Catalyst Construction.  We wanted to build a deck onto the back of our house but we were not entirely clear of the design, materials to use or the details of the deck that would best meet our needs.  Andrew came to listen to our ideas, offered some suggestions and ideas and together we formed our early design.  Throughout the building process the design had some modifications which improved the visual appeal.  Things were going well so we added to the scope of the project.  At all times we were consulted to make choices.  The entire crew offered honest opinions, were respectful, knowledgeable, competent, personable and accommodating.  The subcontractors that were used to complete the specialized parts of the project were also knowledgeable, competent and personable.  We have had many projects completed over the years by many different companies that have not been asked back.  Our deck/roof/porch project was the most positive experience by a landslide.  We LOVE our new deck and so do all of our friends.  Thank you to the entire Catalyst crew.

Trex Deck

Diane and Dave

We partnered with Catalyst to rebuild the front of our house to our design after it was storm damaged; this included an almost 300 sqft second storey deck, on-grade ~200 sqft dyed concrete patio and formed steps, painting, electrical, and roofing work.

In Catalyst, we found a partner who did a wonderful job of getting our vision built. We had a general design, various specific elements that we cared very much for, and other elements that we very much depended on the builder to figure out and help us finalized. Clients have a great deal of responsibility for the success of the project — clients must inspect the work at every stage, must be paying attention to what happens next, must communicate if they spot something that may need rework; we believe we did this in this project, and that it allowed us to unlock the full potential of our chosen contractor.

Overall - Our house has more major projects that need to be done; we expect that Catalyst will be doing that work, when the time comes.

Financials - Catalyst provides firm quotes. They take the time to understand the project, and on that basis, provide a quote. We made a concerted effort to provide all possible details, and Catalyst rewarded us by not changing the prices as the job developed; in a couple of cases, Catalyst was forced to build differently than planned, but were within the core scope that had been agreed, but they stuck with the budget. Catalyst is not the cheapest, does not play games (such as “cash discounts”), provides proof of insurance, a plain-language contract, is paid through-out the project based on achieving agreed mile-stones, and uses Reno-Mii software to manage change requests - this keeps the details of the work to be done, and what it is supposed to cost tightly linked (if you can post updates on a Facebook post, you should be able to use RenoMii). It is easy to have a frank conversation with Andrew or Brady about exactly why elements of your project cost what they are quoted.

Scheduling - At project kick-off, based on a small deposit, Catalyst provided a firm start date. Catalyst started on that date, and was onsite virtually every day until the project was done, except for days during which weather-prevented work from being done. Catalyst provided a knowledgeable project manager, whom we were able to reach easily by email and cell phone, both during the day, and during evenings/weekends.

Work Place Management - Catalyst cleans up the work place at the end of the day, and leaves nothing lying around. On our outdoor job, Catalyst supplied things like outdoor porta-pottys so contractors are not tromping through the house for the washroom. Catalyst sends crews out with written lists of what is to be done on a given day, by whom, and noting any particular directions from the client.

Quality of Work - Catalyst does good work. Catalyst looks for opportunities to improve the build-quality of the design. If something doesn’t come together right, they will rework it. Catalyst knows the trades people they bring onto jobs. The trades people who work for Catalyst like working for Catalyst. Catalyst will meet with you as often as necessary to review the work — before work on major items that would be hard to change later, after something has been done, any time questions come up.

Track Record - We found Catalyst by way of a family member who had two jobs done; they gave a good review, and we'd like the look of the work well enough to ask who did it.

In summary, we're satisfied with what we achieved in this first project, and would hire them again.

Front Porch Deck

Cedric and Stephanie

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