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How long does it take for me to receive an estimate?

Our turn-around for estimates is 10 business days.   We are very thorough with our quotes in order to provide you with a detailed, clear understanding of the work involved in your project.  This takes some time as we need to connect with numerous trades and suppliers to get accurate pricing.

We do not offer on-the-spot estimates - ball-park figures are never accurate, nor do they entail details or quotes from our various trades, like our quote will.

Do you offer Financing?

We have a financing partner for projects up to $25,000 – please check out this link ( ).  For larger projects, we suggest you speak to your bank or mortgage provider.

How long will my project take?

As part of our estimating process, we will provide you with a rough timing estimate.  Upon approval of the estimate, we’ll provide a full schedule. Of course, the schedule is impacted by the time it takes to select materials. Note, the actual materials can effect the schedule; for example tiles take more days in the schedule than hardwood

Can I supply some or all of the materials for my project?

You are welcome to supply specialty items like a vanity or a certain lighting fixture. We supply all building materials, including flooring – this enables us to warranty everything going into your build. Additionally, it ensures efficiency throughout the construction process.

How do you deal with building permits?

We will advise you whenever a permit is required. Catalyst can apply for the permit, or you, as the homeowner can apply for it. Usually there is a cost savings if you apply (ask us for details!). In either case, we will arrange all of the inspections and pass along the reports to you.

What if I wish to change something after the contract is signed?

We use a change order management system to handle revisions during construction. We will quote the change(s) and get your approval before any additional work commences.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes.  We carry $5 million in liability insurance.

Are you covered by WSIB?

Yes, we are fully covered and in good standing with the WSIB.  We will provide you with a clearance certificate before we start work.

What are the legal requirements for a contractor to operate in Ontario?

Contractors in Ontario MUST carry liability insurance, WSIB coverage, a business license, and health and safety training.  Of course, we have all of these requirements.

Do your employees receive safety training?

Yes.  All of our employees have up-to-date fall arrest training and first aid.  We also have bi-weekly safety talks to make sure everyone is working safely.

Do your employees receive training on new materials and building techniques?

Yes.  We are constantly looking for new building techniques and materials.

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