Quoting Process

Catalyst Quotes - easy to understand and transparent.

Step 1 – Contact Us

Connect with us using whatever method is most convenient for you; we are easy to reach via phone or email.  From there, we’ll collect more information from you about your project in preparation for our on-site meeting.

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Step 2 – On-Site Meeting

Once scheduled, a site visit allows you to share your aspirations for the space in question. It’s a detailed review of your needs, wants, and any special requests you may have – we may also offer suggestions based on past experience/projects. Finally, measurements and photos are taken (as required) to ensure we create an accurate estimate.

Step 3 – The Quote

Back at Catalyst HQ, an estimate is generated for the work per the parameters established on-site. This involves sketching a rough floor plan (where applicable), requesting pricing from supporting trades and suppliers, in addition to estimating our own in-house labour expenses. Once all that information is compiled, we supply a detailed quote so that you know exactly what is and isn’t included. Ideally, we prefer to review the quote with you in person so potential questions can be addressed immediately. From there, you’ll have time to contemplate and evaluate your options.

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Step 4 – Approval & Deposit

Fantastic, you’ve decided to work with Catalyst (thank you!) and have approved the initial quote; our next step is to gather a signed copy of it along with the $1,000 deposit. This reserves your project a spot in our schedule. From there, the quote is modified to address any incremental requests. The sub-trades will be given a chance to walk-through your space to review any particulars or special conditions. Finally, you will be able to make selections (we are happy to assist if you want it) on materials like flooring, cabinets, etc.  All of this preparatory work allows us to hit the ground running when your project starts!

Why We Use Deposits

Deposits ensure your job a spot in our schedule.  Once we receive a deposit from you, no other job will bump yours.

While we see the deposit from our customers as a commitment that they’d like to work with us, all deposits are 100% refundable.  They are simply in place to ensure efficiency and security for everyone involved.

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