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Full time hours, No weekends. Competitive compensation. Living Wage employer.

Team work: It makes the dream work

Training and tools provided. Local working radius within Kitchener-Waterloo.

Work Hard,
Play Hard

Team Building. Out of office adventure tripping. Past trips incl. Whitewater rafting, deep sea fishing and treetop trekking.

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    Senior Carpenter

    Catalyst’s Senior Carpenters are responsible for completing daily tasks under the direction of the Project Manager. Providing clients with the best possible experience is also a priority. The Senior Carpenter is responsible for working with junior team members on a daily basis with the overall goal of fostering positive growth. Senior Carpenters should also collaborate with each other to accomplish project goals. Overall, the senior carpenters’ role is to achieve project goals on a daily basis to help hit project deadlines, budgets, and profits as quickly and efficiently as possible.


    Assistant Carpenter

    Under the direction of Project Managers and Senior Carpenters, Catalyst’s Assistant Carpenters complete daily task lists while providing a friendly, timely, and positive customer experience. Assistant Carpenters are also expected to work without direct supervision on labor-intensive related projects with other Assistant Carpenters. Assistant Carpenters will work with Senior Carpenters to try and achieve project goals on a daily basis to help hit project milestones, budgets, and profits in a timely and efficient manner.



    Office jobs at Catalyst involve many responsibilities, such as maintaining our client’s budget, taking part in weekly meetings, and planning the look and feel of your project. The office staff does all it can to make sure projects run smoothly and are successful. A wide variety of software is used in the office, including Adobe, Buildertrend, Sketch-up, Excel, and more. Furthermore, we’re always on the lookout for office staff who can contribute new ideas, be team players, and provide helpful support to the design and sales teams.