Frequently Asked Questions

Custom projects have custom questions.
Here are some of the common ones.

Budgetary Estimates:

As Design-Build Contractors, our team invests 75-100 hours into your renovation to ensure no details are left on the table and to present accurate estimations based on a clearly identifiable scope of work! We call this our "Pre-Construction" services. We will provide a rough order of magnitude regarding the cost of your renovation, However, a window package for the same project could cost $5000 or $25,000 depending on final selections. Cabinetry could be $20,000 or $100,000 based on the same square footage. When you factor in 75+ elements of a renovation project, it is impossible to predict a final price without all specifications in place.

Project Management & Communication:

All of our projects are managed with a cloud based tool called BuilderTrend. You will be given a login for your project, and in your portal you will be able to see all project documentation (drawings, scope of work, contract, etc), the payment and construction schedule, change orders, and daily updates from our staff.

Payment Schedule:

Our project payments are typically broken into two categories: Pre-construction payments and construction payments.

Pre-Construction payments cover the initial costs to develop an accurate pre-construction proposal based on site and permit reviews, construction feasibility, design services to produce accurate floor plans, as well as a fully immersive Interior Design Proposal outlining critical selections based on a defined scope of work. These payments are based on completion milestones.

Construction payments kick off with a 20-30% deposit to order long lead time items, and the remainder of payments are in 10-15% portions based on completion milestones.

Construction Schedule:

Once we have an approved scope of work in place, we'll build out a construction schedule and it will be viewable on Buildertrend. Your schedule will be updated regularly once construction has begun, so be sure to reference it for any updates related to your project!

Project Pricing:

Catalyst provides fixed-price, lump sum pricing. We of course provide allowances for various finishes, but we do not break down costs line by line.

Staff & Sub Trades:

Catalyst has 12 full-time carpenters on staff. We subcontract to our professional trade partners for tasks like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.