Our Process:
Pre-Construction Services

Resources for working with Catalyst, from initial inquiry to project completion!

Step 1:
Committing to Pre-Construction Planning.

Estimated Time: 2-3 weeks

After we complete some initial information gathering, you'll have a video call with Founder / Sales Director, Andrew Day, to discuss your project goals, constraints, budget, and timeline. We'll then provide a pre-construction proposal outlining project deliverables, costs, existing conditions, and project scope. If desired, we can arrange an in-person meeting to review the proposal and your space before approval. Upon approval, a 50% deposit of Pre-Construction costs will be required.

Step 2:
First things first, let's see the site!

Estimated Time: 2-3 weeks after video call

With approval of the pre-construction proposal, a meeting with Catalyst's design team will take place on-site, to discuss everything you hope to accomplish with the project. We call this your Kick Off meeting! Participants will include Lead Interior Designer, Sara Collins, Design Assistant, Jayden Taylor, Estimator, Grant Tamane, Founder / Sales Director, Andrew Day, and Architectural Designer, Darrell Grubb.

Step 3:
Balancing dreams and reality.

Estimated Time: 6-8 weeks after kick off

About 6 weeks after the kick off meeting, we'll receive a first draft of drawings from our Architectural Designer. Now that we've conceptualized your dreams on paper, we can prioritize your goals and determine a realistic scope of work. You'll work with our team to explore general budget and scope implications. Catalyst will highlight any signifcant changes since initial budget conversations. Changes can be made to scope/ drawings as necessary until the ballpark idea of cost lands somewhere you are comfortable.

Step 4:
Agreeing to a Budgetary Estimate.

Estimated Time: 4-8 Weeks, or as long as necessary for review

Based on the scope of work outlined in the "Pricing" set of drawings, Catalyst will liaise with suppliers and sub-trades, engage in design discussions, and review construction feasibility with our team. From here, we'll begin building out a Budgetary Estimate. This serves as an initial starting point for cost estimation at this stage of the design phase. It is generated based on fixture and material allowances and sub trades estimates derived from the 360 photo walkthrough. It is common to require a few revisions to the Budgetary Estimate to land on a mutually agreed upon scope and project cost.

Step 5:
Transition from Sales to Production.

Estimated Time: 3-5 Weeks or as long as necessary for review

Congratulations on signing on for Construction with Catalyst! With the approval of a Budgetary Estimate, we will schedule an on-site review with sub-trades such as electricians, plumbers, drywallers, and others, who will assess the site and provide a more accurate estimate. After trade day, our sub-trades will have the chance to update their quotes based on what they can view visibily at time of meeting. In the past, we have seen costs decrease or increase as we delve deeper into approved selections and obtain final quotes from sub-trades after they've seen the site in person. After trade day, we will release the final estimatel out to you for approval before we begin the renovation!

Step 6:
Construction Preparation

Estimated Time: 4-8 weeks


With Final Estimate approval, Catalyst will send the project plans for engineering, and create your project's package for Building Permit Application. We can then apply for the permit on your behalf. At the same time, our Production Coordinator will begin building out your project schedule. Construction cannot start until the permit is received, so once the permit is approved, production will share with you your project schedule, including the targeted project start date.